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In the early years.........

Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club was established in 1903. The course was the dream of Mr C. L. Orr Ewing, owner of Dunskey Estates. He could see the potential that a golf course and hotel (Portpatrick Hotel opened in 1905) would have on the village of Portpatrick. In the autumn of 1902, Mr Orr Ewing, along with Charles Hunter, of Prestwick, surveyed the proposed ground. The golf course was built upon the ground known as Kennel Park and also much of the Mill Field, which together makes up an area in excess of 100 acres. The eighteen hole course is over two hundred feet above sea level and commands magnificent views over the cliffs to the Irish Sea and Northern Ireland.

In 1913 it was decided to extend the course, taking in part of Cove Hill. The nine hole Dinvin course - said at the time to be for use by the ladies measured 1445 yards. The eighteen hole Dunskey Course measured an impressive 5570 yards and with various changes made over the years it now stretches to 5913 yards with a par of 70.

For the first fifty years of the clubs existence it was, to all intents and purposes, run through the offices at the Dunskey Estate (now Rickwood Hotel) with the factors to the estate playing key roles in the management of the club. In 1965 following the death of David Orr Ewing the club was given first option to buy the course from Dunskey Estate, but it wasn't until 1967 that a formal agreement was entered into whereby the Club leased the course and allowed the sheep to continue to graze.

In 1971 the club aquired the Dunskey course for £18000 and it 1981 the Dinvin Course was purchased from Dunskey Estate for £28000.